Tony Adler: Wisdom from a Lifelong Career in Film & Television

by Gracen Hansen (Originally published in Nectar News)

Tony Adler started his career in the entertainment industry from the bottom and worked his way to the top. From the first time he stepped on a set as a 21-year-old college graduate he knew he had found where he was meant to be. It was that moment that led him to working on some of our most iconic films and TV shows including American Beauty and The West Wing. However, breaking into the film industry is not an easy feat. Nectar News sat down with Adler (by Skype) to ask him some questions about his journey and what it really takes to sustain a life long career in the arts.

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Arts in the Andes

Originally published in NectarNews.

Ric Dragon is an artist and musician, and marketing and business consultant. He is also a serial entrepreneur . He began his career at SUNY/Purchase, where he studied visual arts with Nicholas Marsicano.

Soon thereafter he moved to Woodstock , N.Y. where he honed his craft as a painter and eventually became a pioneer in the internet and website business. He was formerly the founder and CEO of two marketing firms. In addition to having authored Social Marketology, a book on social media marketing published by McGraw Hill, he was a featured speaker at hundreds of events around the world. He has been an adjunct professor of marketing at NYU, as well as a guest lecturer at several other universities in the US. Dragon’s painting studio is currently located near Bogotá, Colombia, where he also occasionally performs in concerts of Handpan percussion. Most recently, Ric has founded an international art school, ArteSumapaz, approximately 3 hours Southwest of Bogota in the Andes Mountains (see: .

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