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Not just a trainer/walker/sitter, but your furbaby's best friend!
Rachael Walks Dogs

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After the big boom of quick, commercial walking with companies such as Wag!, Rachael saw a problem—too many inexperienced, ill-motivated walkers being disguised as professionals, and providing low-level care for what they see as “pets”. Rachael decided, then, that things needed to change, and she did just that. To Rachael, “pets” are far more than just that—they are family, and should be treated as such. She took the bar and raised it high—no longer just a dog walk or training session, but an incredibly passionate, detailed and safe experience per client every single time. Rachael’s vast knowledge of animals has allowed her to be able to offer so much more. Now, when you seek care for your pet, seek Rachael’s standard: she brings with/provides safety equipment and first aid material, extra leashes and harnesses just in case something may break, water and water bowl, paw wax, and more in addition to giving detailed updates before and after sessions, and tons of amazing, high-quality photos and videos too! With over 40 five-star reviews (and nothing less than five-stars!), Rachael is happy to see her goal of providing great care seems to be met, yet still she continues to push herself to become even more knowledgeable and vetted in the field of animals. She hopes to continue to provide the best, individualized care that she can, and continue to make both the furry family members, as well as their humans, as happy and well-cared for as she can!